Entry Definition
s/he takes them away in group or line (people, animals)
they walk together in group
there is communal bonfire; there is group of people burning things together
together, as group
(referring to a substance or a group) together; in group, as group
they come together walking (and in this way form a group)
s/he, it comes together, gathers, collects; (ai) s/he takes part in gathering; (plural) they come together, they go as group
s/he takes part in meeting or gathering; (dual and plural) they sit together, they are positioned together; they meet (to discuss something), they collect (in a place), they are a group or coalition
s/he lists it; s/he writes it (number) for purpose of adding, s/he adds or totals it up (sum); (plural forms) they write it together; s/he draws or photographs it as part of group
there are five of them, they are group of five
they are a group of four
there are four of them, they are group of four
there are three of them, they are group of three
they all go out in a group, they swarm out
s/he walks along on gravel; (dual and plural, also) they walk along in a line, in a group (e.g., procession, march)
they are ten in number, there are ten of them, they are in groups of ten
s/he walks with them in line, in group, or in procession