Entry Definition
s/he pounds it in (nail, stake, etc.)
it sits all the way in
s/he lets h/ in
s/he hits h/ in (e.g., shoves h/ into house through door); (baseball) s/he hits h/ in to home plate (scoring run)
s/he lets it in
s/he calls h/ in, sends h/ in, tells h/ to go in; (baseball) s/he sends h/ (runner) to home plate
s/he pushes or drags it in, slides it in
s/he throws it in
going or coming in, entering; (baseball) running from third base to home plate
s/he, it comes in, goes in, enters
the tide comes in
it shines in
the tide comes in (through narrows, into inlet, etc.)
s/he glances in
s/he tracks in
(changing residence) s/he moves in
inside, in, within; under
s/he keeps on going in (when s/he should stay outdoors)
s/he locks h/; s/he locks h/ in
s/he glances at it between something (curtains, slats of a venetian blind, fence boards, etc.)
s/he throws it in
s/he throws it in to h/; s/he throws in something belonging to h/
s/he glances in at it
s/he climbs in
s/he goes in