Entry Definition
it is built sturdily, is braced firmly
s/he throws arms around h/, gives h/ quick and firm embrace
s/he ties h/ firmly, ties h/ fast (e.g., string, rope; dog)
s/he ties it firmly (e.g., shoelace); s/he ties it permanently, ties it fast
s/he ties firmly or ties fast something belonging to h/
it is firmly attached, snugly fitted, etc.
s/he hugs h/ hard or firmly
s/he hugs it hard or firmly
s/he stands firmly; s/he stands firm, is steadfast
s/he sets it firmly or securely in place (fastening or attaching it)
it is tied tight or firmly
s/he is firmly attached, snugly fitted, etc.
s/he, it bonds or sticks firmly (to something)