Entry Definition
s/he tries in vain to reach it
s/he easily overcomes it, gets to it or reaches it easily
(string, rope, wire, etc.) s/he, it reaches, is long enough or is right length (for desired purpose); s/he, it is right diameter to fit through a hole (e.g., string through bead)
(rope, etc.) s/he reaches (so far)
s/he can and does reach h/ with hand(s)
s/he can and does reach it with hand(s)
s/he can and does reach with hand(s) something belonging to h/
s/he can and does reach it with hand for h/
s/he just misses getting hold of it (object just out of reach)
arriving, upon arrival, reaching; becoming
s/he reaches certain age; s/he comes of age
the shock of it (impact, explosion, etc.) arrives or reaches there
(thunder, etc.) the shock of h/ arrives, reaches there
s/he reaches a size (in growth)
it extends to there, reaches there
(something string-like, lineage) it reaches or extends to there
s/he, it reaches or extends so far