Entry Definition
it changes colour, turns red; (fruit, vegetable) it ripens; (name for month in lunar calendar approximating July or August)
s/he changes color, turns red; (berry, apple, etc.) s/he ripens
red leaves on trees in profusion
(planet) Mars; red star
(literally) red book; (cap.) the Bible; (cap.) Eugene Vetromile's "Indian Good Book" (1857)
(Cornus stolonifera) red osier dogwood, red willow
man with a red beard)
red wine
s/he, it is red
s/he has red neck or nape
s/he wears red
(star, etc.) s/he shines red
it emits red light, shines red
(star) s/he is red and twinkles
(light) it flashes or glitters red; (star) it twinkles red
h/ eye(s) are bloodshot; s/he has red eye(s)
s/he has red mouth (e.g., wearing lipstick); h/ mouth is red inside (e.g., from having eaten raspberries or beets)
it is red and made up of layers (e.g., red book)
it is brick red in color
s/he has red hair, is redhead
(liquid) it drips red
(cloth) it drips red
s/he is dressed in red; (garment, carpet) s/he is red
h/ skin is red (from infection, irritation, inflammation)
s/he, it is red