Entry Definition
(person working in tight or crowded space) s/he looks as if s/he doesn't have enough room
s/he runs out (of something, usually food)
insufficient, not enough, lacking; prematurely
s/he has too little to eat, not enough to eat
s/he kicks it not far enough
s/he kicks h/ not far enough (ball, etc.)
s/he has insufficient work, doesn't have enough work; s/he doesn't work long enough (e.g., to qualify for benefits)
s/he gives too little, doesn't give enough
s/he doesn't get enough to drink
s/he serves or dishes out too little of it (food)
s/he doesn't make or prepare enough soup, stew, coffee, etc.
s/he doesn't get enough to drink or eat (water, beer, soup, stew, etc.)
(rug) s/he is too short, doesn't extend far enough
there is insufficent amount or quantity of it; (plural) there is insufficient number of them
running out, falling short, not enough
(supply) there is not enough of h/, it
s/he does not have enough to eat
s/he does not have enough to drink
self-deprecation, feeling of inferiority; fretting about not having enough
s/he places h/ in too low a position, doesn't put h/ in high enough position (in space, in administrative hierarchy); s/he holds h/ in low esteem
s/he places it in too low a position; s/he does not put enough of it (e.g., money in collection basket)
s/he has not slept enough
s/he does not give h/ enough to drink, gives h/ too little to drink, fails to give h/ enough to drink
s/he does not help h/ enough
s/he does not help it enough