Entry Definition
s/he pushes h/ head tilting it to side
s/he swims at angle (e.g., due to poor form)
h/ mouth distorts to one side from wind pressure (e.g., from zipping along on bicycle or rollercoaster)
s/he, it tips or droops to side due to own weight; (person carrying something) s/he tips to side from weight of load
on both sides
on both sides, on either side
s/he limps markedly
it is shaped on one side only
on one side only
on one side only
way over on the other side (of hill, etc.); area of Sipayik on west side of highway (Maine Route 190) also locally called Hollywood
(road, wall, hillside) it is steep, is steep-sided
(vat, ditch) s/he has steep sides
across, going from one side to the other, going to the other side
(something stick-like) it is positioned parallel to and along the side (of something)
side of h/ head, h/ temple
(road, path) it goes off to the side; (shoulder of road) it is on the side
sideways; on the side, to the side, beside
on the side, to the side, beside; on or against wall
s/he eats it as side dish, eats it along with main course, eats it along with other food
across, on the other side
across, on the other side
s/he has sharp pain in side
on opposite side
turning, branching to one side