Entry Definition
s/he starts walking slowly, departs slowly on foot
slowly, deliberately; gently; quietly, softly
s/he presses or squeezes it slowly or gently with body
s/he, it stops slowly, slowly comes to stop
s/he talks to h/ slowly and deliberately
s/he goes along slowly
s/he, it rolls slowly
s/he talks to h/ slowly and deliberately
s/he thinks about slowly, takes time thinking about it, considers it
quietly, slowly
s/he goes slowly
s/he slowly gives h/ something to drink
s/he walks slowly (intentionally)
s/he walks h/ slowly, takes h/ on a slow walk
s/he walks it slowly (e.g., moves stove by rocking it from side to side)
s/he hauls h/ slowly; s/he drags or slides h/ slowly (e.g., person on sled)
s/he drags it slowly
(light) it flashes on and off slowly
s/he, it boils slowly, simmers
s/he simmers it, boils it slowly
it burns slowly, is slow-burning
they walk slowly
s/he cooks it slowly or gently
(food) s/he cooks slowly
it cooks slowly