Entry Definition
s/he asks (or tells) h/ in vain to do something
s/he wants to ask favor of h/, is going to ask favor of h/, is going to rely on h/
s/he picks h/ brain, asks h/ all kinds of questions
s/he asks or begs on h/ behalf
s/he asks or begs for it on h/ behalf
s/he asks for payment of money earned; s/he asks for an advance
s/he asks h/, urges h/, tries to convince h/ (to do something)
s/he asks h/ (to answer question); s/he asks h/ (for something, to do something)
s/he finds out the truth from h/; (Wol) s/he asks h/ (in order to find out answer to question)
s/he asks, questions, inquires, consults
s/he asks for it, calls for it
s/he asks h/ for it
asking for favor(s), asking for favorable treatment