Entry Definition
it comes in different shapes, has various forms
s/he cooks many different things
s/he places it in various positions (something stick-like)
s/he, it bends in various ways
s/he tells many or various stories about h/
s/he tells h/ many or various stories
s/he hallucinates, has various hallucinations
s/he places h/ in various positions (snake, something string-like)
s/he climbs in various ways or directions; s/he speaks a variety of languages
s/he, it is made up of various parts, is complex, is made of mass of confusing parts; s/he, it is made any old way
she has children by various men
s/he does various things to h/
s/he does it in various ways
s/he does it to h/ in various ways
(sheet, garment) s/he, it flaps; (person) s/he wears various styles of clothing, s/he moves clothing in various ways (e.g., adjusting or straightening it)
it happens in various ways
varied, various, in variety of ways; (in this sense) many
there are various kinds or types of it
there are various kinds or types of h/; (also, in plural) they belong to various tribes
s/he handles it in various ways
s/he has many talents
s/he, it is made in various ways, is made from various parts
s/he moves legs into various positions
there are different varieties of h/ to see; s/he has many or various items for others to look at, has a full or diversified line (of merchandise, groceries, etc.)
s/he sings it various ways