Entry Definition
s/he moves it (eye)
s/he moves something (eye) belonging to h/ (e.g., doll)
s/he covers h/ eyes, s/he blindfolds h/
s/he has eye(s) covered, is blindfolded; s/he is wearing veil
s/he has small eyes
h/ eyes are open; s/he opens eyes
h/ eyes look strange or funny
s/he crosses h/ eyes (see examples)
s/he crosses own eyes (deliberately)
s/he crosses eyes intentionally
s/he has crooked eye, has wandering eye, is wall-eyed
h/ eyes get big, s/he has frightened-looking eyes
s/he lowers it (eye)
s/he has one eye covered with patch or bandage; (as name of person in oral tradition; see examples) Lucky
s/he raises it (eye)
s/he has one eye open
s/he moves it around (eye) watching or looking
s/he goes around watching it, s/he keeps an eye on it
s/he goes around watching h/, s/he keeps an eye on h/
s/he has something in corner of eye
edge or corner of h/ eye
s/he has itchy eye(s) or anus
s/he has big eyes
s/he looks as if s/he has big eyes
s/he opens eyes wide