Entry Definition
s/he tries without success to say it, has difficulty saying or pronouncing it
s/he has a hard time, goes through difficult period
s/he takes shallow breaths, has difficulty breathing, is short of breath; s/he has asthma
s/he walks with difficulty because of pain or soreness
finally after much difficulty
s/he has difficulty seeing it; s/he looks at it indecently
s/he misunderstands, understands poorly, has difficulty understanding
s/he has difficulty seeing it, can just barely see it, can just make it out, can see it under poor conditions
s/he has difficulty seeing h/, can just barely see h/, can just make h/ out, can see h/ under poor conditions
s/he understands it with difficulty, has trouble understanding it
can; can just, can barely, can with difficulty
(ai) s/he is hale and hardy; (ii; motor, etc.) it runs with difficulty
(water) it flows roughly, flows with difficulty
s/he, it goes through with difficulty
barely, hardly, scarcely; after much difficulty
h/ airway is blocked (e.g., by phlegm) making it difficult to breathe