Entry Definition
s/he tries without sucess to say something belonging to h/ (e.g., h/ name, h/ occupation)
s/he says it loud
s/he says it loud to h/
it is said
s/he says
s/he says it
s/he says (something) for h/
it says; (word, text) it means
s/he tells h/, says to h/
s/he says to it; s/he tells it (something)
s/he says it secretly, says it in such a way that it cannot be heard
s/he says secretly something pertaining to h/
s/he says it secretly for h/
s/he says it fast
s/he includes it in what s/he says regardless
s/he named it, can name it; s/he can say it, can pronounce it
s/he starts to say it, starts to call it by a name
s/he has spoken long enough, has said enough, has said what s/he has to say
s/he has various things to say about it
various sounds are heard, all kinds of things are being said
s/he says offensive things to h/
s/he says bad things about h/, disparages h/
s/he says it by rote
s/he says it out, blurts it out
s/he says it thus