Entry Definition
they insult each other loudly, argue loudly with each other
s/he goes after h/ secretly to hurt or insult h/ (e.g., in seeking revenge)
s/he calls h/ all sorts of names (insulting h/)
s/he says a lot of things about h/ (usually bad things), insults h/; s/he is caustic or satirical or sardonic about h/
s/he calls h/ rude names
s/he says something reflecting badly on h/ (another's) family inadvertently and in front of other people; s/he insults or offends or embarrasses h/ in this way (usually, unintentionally; e.g., by talking about h/ relatives without knowing they are related to h/)
s/he speaks of h/ with low esteem, badmouths h/; disparages h/; insults h/ when talking about h/
s/he calls h/ names (insulting h/)