Entry Definition
s/he is troublesome, stirs up trouble
s/he is agitator, stirs up trouble, incites
s/he does many different things; s/he causes many kinds of trouble
s/he is person who does many different things; s/he is troublemaker
s/he has heart trouble
s/he stirs up trouble for it or makes its situation worse by talking about it
s/he makes trouble for h/
s/he makes trouble for it
trouble-maker; someone fighting for a cause or a case (e.g., lawyer)
s/he understands it with difficulty, has trouble understanding it
s/he causes h/ trouble, burdens h/
s/he causes it trouble
s/he makes trouble
s/he bothers h/, causes h/ trouble
s/he messes self up, causes self trouble through own doing; s/he wrongs self
s/he gives h/ trouble, is burden to h/
s/he fights around, goes around causing trouble