Entry Definition
s/he ties or laces or wires it together; s/he bolts or screws it together
(horse, dog) s/he is harnessed; (shoe) s/he is tied; (snowshoe, block and tackle) s/he is strung; (tennis racket, violin) it is strung, adjusted, tuned; (clock) it is wound up; (automobile, computer) it has a lot of wires
(engine, house, etc.) it is wired with many wires; (ship, etc.) it is strung or rigged with many ropes
(animate) wire; (inanimate) thin chain
s/he wires h/, telegraphs h/, sends h/ telegram; s/he calls h/ on telephone
s/he is stringing wire, clothesline, etc.
s/he weaves, wires, or strings it correctly (e.g., basket, Christmas lights, tennis racket)
s/he wires or strings it incorrectly; s/he gets it mixed up (story)