Entry Definition
(stick, pole, etc.) it is greasy or oily
s/he has greasy hair
(rock, potato, etc.) it is greasy
(ball, loaf of bread, etc.) s/he is round and greasy, s/he is covered with oil or butter, etc.
s/he has oily or greasy legs or arms or pant-legs or sleeves (e.g., from oil spilling)
s/he has greasy or oily scalp (or head)
(loaf of bread; pot or child in need of washing) s/he is greasy, is covered with grease
(cloth, paper, etc.) it is covered with grease, is greasy
h/ clothing is covered with grease; (garment, carpet) s/he is greasy
it is greasy or oily; (food) it has grease or oil as noticeable ingredient
s/he has greasy body
(mechanic, railroad engineer, cook) s/he has greasy clothing (from working with grease or oil)
s/he eats greasy or oily food
s/he has greasy hand(s)
h/ face is shiny (greasy or sweaty)
s/he greases it using hand(s); s/he gets grease on it by touching it with greasy finger(s)
s/he has greasy mouth
s/he, it is fatty, greasy