Entry Definition
s/he plants early
s/he rises early, gets up early (out of bed)
(young child) s/he starts talking early; (adult or child) s/he speaks too soon (e.g., actor speaking line before cue)
s/he eats early
(girl) she behaves like woman before she is physically mature; she goes through puberty early
(boy) he behaves like man before he is physically mature; he goes through puberty early
s/he is born early, is born prematurely
s/he arrives early
it is early
early, soon; as soon as possible
(young child) s/he walks early
s/he develops body hair early; (infant) h/ hair comes in early
she starts bearing children at young age
s/he goes to sleep early, goes to bed early
s/he goes to sleep early, goes to bed early
earlier this morning
early this morning (past only)
s/he works in the morning, s/he starts work early
s/he is early riser, gets up early in morning
s/he wakes up early in morning