Entry Definition
(gourmet food, delicacy) it is cooked fancily or elaborately
it is half cooked
s/he, it is cooked; (person touching hot stove, etc.) s/he got burned
it has been burned; it is cooked (ready to eat)
s/he sat down, can sit down; (person in bed) s/he sat up, can sit up; (pie, cake, etc.) s/he is done cooking, is ready to eat
s/he is cooked or burned black, s/he is charred
it is cooked or burned black, it is charred
s/he is cooked soft or tender
it is cooked until soft or tender
(bean, egg, etc.) it bursts or breaks open when being cooked
it is cooked to death, it is overcooked; it is burned to a crisp
food cooked in a pot, casserole, etc.; (plural) scalloped potatoes
(food) s/he, it is well done, well cooked
(food) s/he is well cooked
(food) it is cooked well; (meat) it is well done