Entry Definition
it is fancily carved
s/he carves or whittles fancily
(router, tool) it carves fancily
s/he carves it fancily
s/he carves it (e.g., petroglyph) using rock to chip at it
s/he carves h/, notches h/ (something made of wood); s/he marks h/ height with a notch
s/he marks by carving or notching (in wood)
s/he carves it, notches it (something made of wood)
s/he carved h/, can carve h/
s/he carved it, can carve it
s/he carves, whittles
s/he begins to cut; s/he begins to carve (e.g., meat, turkey)
s/he carves it easily
s/he carves h/
s/he carves it
s/he slices it; s/he carves it (meat)
s/he is carving h/ fancily
s/he is carving it fancily
s/he knows how to carve or whittle
s/he is carving, is whittling
s/he is carving (wood)
s/he hollows or carves h/ out with knife (e.g., jack-o'-lantern)
s/he hollows or carves it out with knife (e.g., tooth, piece of wood)