Entry Definition
s/he hears it now and then
s/he hears h/ now and then
heard but not seen
s/he gets angry at it as result of listening to it; (in translation) the sound of it makes h/ angry
s/he hears self
it is heard
s/he hears
s/he hears
s/he hears it
s/he hears h/
s/he hears it or listens to it as it moves farther and farther away, hears its sound fading away in the distance
s/he hears h/ from that direction; (in translation) s/he sounds that way to h/
s/he hears it thus, hears it as ... (sound, something said); (in translation) it sounds like ... to h/
s/he thinks something belonging to h/ sounds thus
s/he hears h/ thus, hears h/ as ...; s/he hears or thinks s/he hears h/ (saying something); (in translation) s/he sounds like ... to h/
s/he hears it even though it isn't really there, s/he thinks s/he hears it but s/he doesn't; s/he mistakes it for something else (when hearing it)
s/he misunderstands; s/he hears wrong; s/he misses the point of what's being said
s/he misunderstands it, hears it wrong
s/he is tired of hearing it
s/he is tired of hearing h/ talking, is tired of listening to h/
s/he is near enough to it to hear it, s/he can hear as far as it, s/he is within earshot of it; (in translation) it is within earshot of h/
s/he hears it clearly and understands it
s/he hears h/ clearly (sound of h/ voice or activity)
s/he has heard enough of it, has heard too much of it
s/he has heard enough of h/, has heard too much of h/ (someone speaking in error, maliciously, etc.)