Entry Definition
s/he hits it and the sound can be heard (e.g., bone cracking, leather covering of baseball snapping where seam is loose)
(ice, tile) s/he, it is heard cracking from movement; (leaves, plural) they are heard rubbing against one another
s/he moves across ice as it cracks (on lake, river, etc.)
s/he folds h/ (e.g., rope, so that the two parts lie against each other), folds h/ and cracks h/ (e.g., ash splint)
s/he folds it and cracks it (e.g., stick: bending it so that the two parts lie against each other)
(rock) there is a crack or split in it
splitting, split (apart); cracked
(cup, window, etc.) s/he, it is cracked; (shirt, hat, etc.) s/he, it is torn
s/he cracks or splits due to dryness
(lumber) it cracks or splits due to dryness
(ice, glass, plaster) s/he, it cracks in different directions (usually, radiating from point)
s/he breaks or cracks its rib(s) by kicking it or with weight of body
s/he breaks or cracks h/ rib(s) by kicking h/
s/he, it splits well, cracks well, tears well
s/he walks around on ice to hear it cracking (for fun; e.g., on thin layer of ice covering puddles on frozen lake)