Entry Definition
(trap) it springs or snaps shut; (door, hatch cover, chest lid) it slams shut, closes with bang
s/he hits h/ (e.g., on skull or shin) snapping or breaking h/ bone (and the sound of this can be heard)
s/he hits it and the sound can be heard (e.g., bone cracking, leather covering of baseball snapping where seam is loose)
s/he is heard snapping or cracking because of extreme cold (e.g., tree, ice on lake, bottle filled with ice)
it is heard snapping or cracking because of extreme cold (e.g., wood in house wall)
(flag, etc.) it is heard flapping or snapping (but is not seen)
snap, clasp, buckle; coat hanger
(ii; trap) it snaps shut; (ii; alarm, gun, bow, crossbow) it goes off; (ai) s/he has orgasm
s/he, it bends quickly at joint or hinge; (ii; jointed object, especially knife) it snaps shut, shuts unexpectedly
s/he breaks it, snaps it in two (something string-like)
s/he breaks or snaps in two something string-like belonging to h/
s/he shakes it out with a quick snap (cloth, paper, etc.)
s/he shakes or snaps it (towel, tablecloth, etc.) to remove snow or dust
(toe, piece of wood) it snaps backward
(rope, branch, story) s/he, it breaks off abruptly, snaps
s/he snaps h/ with whipping motion (e.g., rope)
(whip, cloth, etc.) it snaps when flicked
s/he snaps it (something string-like; e.g., rein, horse-whip, wet towel)
s/he snaps something belonging to h/ (e.g., rein, horse-whip, wet towel)
h/ teeth are chattering (e.g., from cold or fear); s/he is snapping teeth (e.g., animal trying to bite something)
it is snapping its teeth
(flag, etc.) it is flapping or snapping
s/he breaks it in two quickly, snaps it in two
it springs or snaps back into place
(something string-like, flag, whip, etc.) it snaps back