Entry Definition
s/he dances fancily
s/he dances fancily
s/he dances it strangely or oddly
they dance toward each other and then apart (as in welcome dance, contra dance)
s/he seldom dances
s/he stops dancing
place for dancing (ceremonial grounds); ballroom
s/he dances it fast
s/he dances until end (of musical number, party, marathon, etc.)
(usually, man or boy) he dances the hunter's dance
s/he wants to dance, is going to dance
there is big dance
s/he starts to perform greeting dance
they come together dancing
s/he dances slowly, goes slowly
s/he stops dancing, has finished dancing
s/he moves feet to rhythm; (person sitting) dances to music with feet
it is danced in various ways
s/he dances it in various ways (slow, fast, sideways, etc.)
s/he kicks something belonging to h/ in various ways; s/he dances it in various ways for h/
s/he is heard dancing (but is not seen)
s/he is goes (comes) to a dance, goes (comes) to dance with others
s/he dances sliding or dragging feet forward
s/he dances in front, at head of line, etc.
s/he knows how to dance it