Entry Definition
(person) s/he is tall and thin, is slim or slender (usually, too much so)
s/he is fairly tall, s/he is fairly big
s/he is quite big, is quite tall
s/he is somewhat big, is a bit tall
it is long and rigid, tall and rigid
s/he is long and rigid, tall and rigid
apparition of a tall man
(person only) s/he is tall
s/he is taller or tallest
(person) s/he is so tall
it is too tall, it is in too high a place
s/he is taller than one would expect
s/he surpasses h/ in height
it is tall; it is in high place
(something little) it is tall, it is high
it is tall, is high
s/he, it goes high, becomes tall
s/he is very big, is very tall