Entry Definition
s/he fishes
s/he fishes on h/ behalf
s/he spears or fishes for flounder
s/he is back from having gone fishing
s/he is back from netting fish
s/he stops fishing, stops going fishing
place where s/he fishes
fishing place
(fish, Pungitius pungitius) ninespine stickleback
freshwater fish
(fish, Sebastes fasciatus) Acadian redfish, ocean perch
male fish
s/he goes (comes) to net fish
s/he goes (comes) to fish
s/he goes (comes) to play a game
s/he goes (comes) to play a game with h/
s/he goes (comes) to fish with net
fish (of any species)
fish cannery
fish oil
s/he fishes
s/he turns h/ into a fish
s/he uses it to fish with (pole, bait, etc.)
s/he spears or fishes for pollock
pickled fish (fish preserved in brine)