Entry Definition
s/he gets up quickly (from lying down to sitting, from sitting to standing, etc.)
getting up (from sitting or lying down)
s/he gets up (sits up or stands up)
the tide stops rising
h/, its price rises; s/he, it becomes more valuable
it goes up, rises
s/he, it goes up, rises
up above; upward, rising, ascending
s/he, it goes up, rises, ascends
s/he moves up in rank
s/he walks in; (sun) s/he rises farther to the north each day (i.e., days are getting longer)
s/he gets up late, rises late (from sleeping)
s/he rises early, gets up early (out of bed)
smoke rises straight up
(bread) it rises; (person, animal) s/he bloats, is bloated
s/he, it bloats, inflates; (bread) s/he rises
(bread) s/he rises high
(land, ground) it rises, it is high
s/he, it rises quickly
s/he, it goes upward, ascends; (inanimate; blood pressure, measurement) it goes up
heat rises there
s/he rises high
s/he gets up from there
(bread dough) s/he rises high enough
s/he gets up from sitting position