Entry Definition
s/he, it curves or arcs around (something)
(pitched baseball) s/he is downward curving pitch
s/he bends over; (pitched baseball) s/he curves downward
s/he, it twists along a curve (e.g., wood-grain, coil binding)
(baseball) s/he throws a very sharp curve
(baseball) s/he can throw variety of curve balls, can throw changeup pitches
s/he, it is bent thus, curves thus
(baseball) s/he throws variety of curves
s/he, it is crooked, has bad curve
s/he bends it, shapes it by bending or curving it
s/he twists; (pitched baseball) s/he curves
(baseball; catcher) s/he signals for curve ball
s/he, it is curved
it is a winding or curvy road
s/he, it bends or curves backward
(baseball) s/he knows how to throw a curve ball (sideways curve, dropping pitch, etc.)
h/ spine is curved forward, s/he is stooped over (permanently)