Entry Definition
h/ facial expression changes
s/he has thin or narrow face
s/he has small face
s/he scratches back at h/ face (usually, with fingernails)
s/he meets it; s/he faces it (challenge, peril, etc.)
s/he has wrinkles or crow's feet on face
s/he stops scratching h/ face (usually, with fingernails)
h/ facial expression(s)
s/he wipes h/ face
(usually, a woman) she applies vermilion on (someone's) forehead (man) or cheeks (woman) to mark end of a period of mourning (old Peskotomuhkati custom)
(usually woman) she applies vermilion to h/ forehead (man) or cheeks (woman) to mark the end of a period of mourning; (priest, deacon) s/he annoints h/ (especially, as part of last rites)
s/he has or makes serious expression (on face)
s/he has big or chubby face
s/he characteristically has stern face; s/he scolds a lot
s/he washes h/ face
s/he washes (own) face
s/he makes such a facial expression
s/he makes facial expression
s/he makes sexy or provocative face at h/
s/he makes sexy or provocative facial expression
h/ face is shriveled up, is full of wrinkles
s/he has acne, s/he has pimple(s) on face
h/ face is shiny (greasy or sweaty)
s/he dirties face, blackens face
s/he has dirty face