Entry Definition
it comes back, returns
it comes back to life
s/he, it comes from there
s/he goes out from there
s/he, it comes through from there quickly (e.g., bicyclist through tunnel)
s/he, it comes back from there, returns from there, has been there
(person, horse, etc.) s/he comes toward here pulling or pushing load (e.g., on sled, in wheelbarrow)
s/he comes toward here or faces this way baring teeth
winter is coming
s/he is coming in
(slang) s/he comes over here immediately
s/he, it comes toward here
it comes toward here
they come together walking (and in this way form a group)
s/he, it comes out; (ai) s/he breaks out in rash
s/he, it comes out into view, emerges, comes up out of water
it comes out into view, emerges; (submarine, etc.) it comes up out of water
going or coming to a location
s/he goes (comes) right to h/
s/he goes (comes) right to it
s/he goes (comes) to get warm
s/he goes out, comes out
it goes out, comes out
s/he goes out, comes out
sound of h/ comes from that direction, it sounds as if he is over there; h/ voice is heard from that direction; s/he sounds that way