Entry Definition
(soda pop, beer, champagne) it loses its carbonation, goes flat
s/he weights it down (to keep it flat)
(cloth, paper) it is flat, is flattened
s/he is flat, is flattened
(tire, something soft) s/he is flat, is flattened
(something stick-like) it is thick and flattened
(something stick-like) it is thin and flattened, is thin and delicate
s/he falls flat on back or face, falls spread-eagle
it falls down flat (on floor, ground, etc.)
(cloth, paper, etc.) it is flat
s/he has flat feet
(ice surface, carpet) s/he is flat
(rock) it is flat
(rug, pelt, buttocks) s/he spreads out flat, is spread out flat
it lies flat
s/he knocks h/ flat on h/ back
it is flat land
(land) it is flat, it is good for farming