Entry Definition
s/he is sopping wet
he ejaculates in sleep, he has wet dream
s/he is wet
s/he has wet shoes
it is wet land
it is wet, is damp
the grass is wet
h/ face is wet
h/ hand is wet, h/ hands are wet
s/he wets or moistens h/ hand(s)
s/he wets it quickly by running wet fingers over it (e.g., sweetgrass)
s/he wets quickly something belonging to h/
(soil, sponge, moss, etc.) it is soggy
s/he steps on it (something soft and wet; e.g., mudflat, boggy ground)
s/he wets h/
s/he wets it
s/he wets something belonging to h/
s/he wets it for h/
s/he gets excess water out of it by hitting it against something (e.g., slapping wet garment against rock)
s/he urinates on self, wets pants
s/he urinates in sleep, wets the bed
s/he urinates from laughing, wets self by laughing