Entry Definition
s/he acts a little bit crazy
s/he behaves, acts; (theater) s/he acts
s/he acts mature, acts grown up; s/he is surprisingly bright for age
s/he acts big
s/he acts big or brave toward h/
s/he behaves or acts badly; s/he is mean
s/he acts thus, behaves thus; s/he has such and such a nature
s/he acts or behaves just like (someone or something); behaves exactly the same
s/he acts or behaves differently from what was expected
(woman, girl, young boy) s/he acts like man
s/he knows what s/he is doing; (theater) s/he acts part appropriately, acts well; s/he is found out by movements, gestures, etc. (h/ actions, motives, intentions, etc. give h/ away)
s/he acts or behaves like animal
s/he acts or behaves devilishly
s/he goes around acting crazy, doing bad things