Entry Definition
on the left, left-handed
s/he swims left-handed (e.g., doing sidestroke); s/he swims toward the left
s/he turns to face left
s/he moves it to left (eye)
(cards) s/he deals using left hand
(basketmaking) s/he folds the standers (vertical splints) of it using left hand
s/he turns to left
h/ left hand
s/he passes it (food, other object) to the left
s/he passes something belonging to h/ to the left
s/he passes h/ (bowl, feather, etc.) to the left
on h/ left, to h/ left
s/he passes it on the left (e.g., car, truck)
(soldiers, etc.) they walk to left in lines
s/he looks to the left
(baseball) left fielder