Entry Definition
its name has been changed
s/he changes (own) name; h/ name has been changed
s/he gives it fancy name or nickname
s/he gives fancy name or nickname to something belonging to h/
s/he has nickname or stage name; h/ nickname or stage name is ...
s/he nicknames h/, gives h/ stage name
h/ nickname, h/ stage name
it has odd or strange or surprising name
it has English name; (translation of word) in English it is called
it is said secretly, it is named secretly, it has code name
s/he erases h/ name, removes h/ from list
s/he calls h/ bad name (usually, with sexual connotation)
s/he named it, can name it; s/he can say it, can pronounce it
it is called, is named
it is called, is named
s/he is named ..., is called ...; h/ name is ...
its name is, it is called
s/he starts to say it, starts to call it by a name
h/ first name is ...
s/he starts to call h/ by a name; s/he gives h/ a first name
h/ last name is ...
s/he calls h/ all sorts of names (insulting h/)
s/he calls h/ rude names
s/he gives h/ bad name; s/he ruins h/ reputation
s/he knows how to call h/ name (in friendly teasing)