Entry Definition
s/he acts a little bit crazy
s/he is crazy, is insane
s/he drives it crazy
s/he goes crazy all of a sudden (temporary condition)
it goes crazy
it is crazy
s/he is a little crazy, s/he is not all there
s/he is foolish, is crazy
child who pesters or who drives one crazy
s/he drives h/ crazy
s/he drives it crazy, messes it up
crazy person, someone crazy in the head
s/he talks crazy, talks incoherently
s/he drives h/ crazy; s/he confuses h/, perplexes h/, mystifies h/
s/he drives it crazy
s/he talks crazy, babbles incoherently
crazy, crazily
s/he makes h/ crazy, drives h/ crazy
s/he acts crazy, cannot sit still, has "ants in h/ pants"
s/he drives h/ crazy by talking to h/; s/he confuses h/, bewilders h/, perplexes h/, mystifies h/
(someone doing something) s/he looks crazy
s/he lives crazy life
s/he worries self sick; s/he thinks in confused manner, is muddled; s/he is mad, manic, insane, crazy, bemused, etc.
s/he is talking crazy, is crackpot
s/he becomes foolish, goes crazy, runs amok; s/he turns eccentric