Entry Definition
s/he hits h/ causing eye to burst or bleed
s/he busts h/ eye by kicking h/
(baked apple, cake, pie, etc.) s/he bursts or breaks open when being cooked
(bean, egg, etc.) it bursts or breaks open when being cooked
s/he bursts from laughing
it bursts
s/he bursts, breaks open
bursting, breaking open; breaking; opening up
s/he eats so much s/he feels as if s/he is bursting
s/he bursts it (balloon, berry, etc.)
s/he bursts h/ (abscess, pimple, etc.)
it bursts open by tearing or ripping
s/he bursts it by scratching it (usually, with fingernails)
s/he bursts it by looking at it (used figuratively or humorously)
s/he bursts or shatters from blow or impact (fall, crash, etc.)
(grapes, water balloons, pimples, insects) s/he breaks soft objects or makes soft objects burst with hand(s)
s/he tramples it so that it bursts or breaks (something soft; e.g., tube of toothpaste)
s/he ties something soft tightly inside cloth so that it bursts (e.g., when pressing fruit to make jelly)
s/he breaks or bursts it by shooting it
s/he suddenly starts singing it
s/he bursts into song
it bursts into flames, catches fire
s/he, it bursts into flames, catches fire
s/he bursts into tears
s/he bursts out crying