Entry Definition
s/he adds liquid to it (e.g., coffee in cup, soup), s/he tops it up with liquid (e.g., gasoline in tank)
s/he adds liquid to it for h/, s/he tops up with liquid something belonging to h/
s/he adds liquid to h/ (e.g., cup, pot)
(building, shelf, pavement, etc.) it is added on to, it is extended; (ell, annex, etc.) it forms extension or increment
(object, building) it is added on to, is extended
s/he adds more and more (in calculating)
s/he writes it all together, gathers it together in writing; s/he adds it all up (sum)
s/he adds it up, totals it; s/he includes it in count
s/he lists, writes list, compiles; s/he writes (numbers) for purpose of adding; (dual and plural forms) they write together
s/he lists it; s/he writes it (number) for purpose of adding, s/he adds or totals it up (sum); (plural forms) they write it together; s/he draws or photographs it as part of group
s/he adds it to list