Entry Definition
(object, place) it is situated out of sight, it is in shadow; (shaded area) it extends as sun changes position
(building, shelf, pavement, etc.) it is added on to, it is extended; (ell, annex, etc.) it forms extension or increment
s/he extends it (e.g., board) by nailing another piece to it
(rope, wire; family line) s/he, it extends, continues on
s/he lengthens a braid (e.g., of sweetgrass)
(rope) s/he extends, continues
(something string-like, story, etc.) it continues, extends
(object, building) it is added on to, is extended
s/he makes it longer, makes it bigger, extends it
s/he makes something belonging to h/ longer or bigger, extends something belonging to h/
s/he augments or enlarges it, extends it
(lake, river) it extends or flows toward here
where land extends away; up country
where the land extends away
where a lake extends away; away over or on the lake
s/he stays longer because of the cold
s/he extends visit, stays longer than planned
s/he extends stay
s/he extends from there, exists from there onward, is in place beginning then (and continuing onward)
a pile extends out into open space (e.g., field, body of water)
(point of land, peninsula) it extends out into the water, is surrounded by water (at end and sides)
(tree, dock) s/he, it sticks out over water, field, etc.
(rocky ledge) it extends out into the water
(rug) s/he is too short, doesn't extend far enough
s/he detains h/, asks h/ to stay, asks h/ to extend stay