Entry Definition
s/he poles it farther (boat, raft)
pole used to prop up clothesline
s/he poles h/ around (in boat)
s/he poles it around (boat, raft); s/he spreads it out (soil, loam, sand)
canoe pole (for propelling canoe)
stick, pole
pole; (weapon) club
fishing pole
s/he poles self along (in boat, canoe)
canoe pole (for propelling canoe)
s/he holds it back with pole (e.g., clothesline)
pole used to prop up clothesline
paint for pole or column; (basketmaking) mud-like mixture of ashes and water applied to ash log before pounding (marks are left in it where pounding tool has struck; ensures that pounding is thorough and efficient)
alder pole
s/he poles self around (in boat)