Entry Definition
s/he extends it (e.g., board) by nailing another piece to it
s/he nails crooked (e.g., the shingles s/he puts up are crooked)
s/he braces it by nailing a piece onto it
s/he spaces nails close together
(carpentry) nail
s/he nails it
s/he nails it
s/he fastens (something) by hammering; s/he nails, pegs; s/he is hinged, is nailed, is tacked on
s/he nails or tacks or staples it on
s/he nails it (onto something)
s/he fastens it with nail(s)
s/he covers it (with cloth, paper, etc.) by nailing something on it
s/he boards it shut; s/he shuts it by hammering, nailing, etc.
covering or shutter (on window) nailed or tacked in place
it is boarded or nailed shut, is covered over by hammering
s/he spaces nails wide apart
(carpenters) they nail it as group (e.g., working together to construct or sheathe a wall, etc.)
(carpenter, roofer, etc.) s/he renails
(carpentry) it has nail(s) removed, it is removed by pulling out nails
s/he nails it (to something)
s/he nails h/ (to something); s/he crucifies h/
s/he nails it (to something)
s/he nails or tacks paper, cloth, etc. to it
it is covered or wrapped with something nailed on (tacked, stapled, etc.)
s/he covers or wraps it by nailing something on it (tacking, stapling, etc.)