Entry Definition
s/he continues telling story; s/he goes on and on telling story (annoyingly)
s/he keeps praying, continues praying
(rope, wire; family line) s/he, it extends, continues on
(rope) s/he extends, continues
(something string-like, story, etc.) it continues, extends
continuing, keeping on; (conjunct forms) while
it continues to snow, keeps on snowing
s/he, it keeps going, is still going
(sun, moon, etc.) s/he continues to shine
it continues to rain, keeps on raining
(road, path) it keeps going, it goes by
(movement, extension) continuing on, keeping going, passing by without stopping
s/he carries it farther; s/he carries it on (tradition, custom, etc.; i.e., continues to practice it)
(walker, traveler, etc.) s/he continues on way, passes by without stopping
keeping on anyway, continuing regardless
(cliff) it extends away, continues on
they walk away, continue walking
s/he heads away tracking h/, continues to track h/
they (two) walk away, continue walking
s/he chases h/ off, continues chasing h/
its sound continues; its sound moves away
s/he sings as s/he goes away, s/he continues singing
s/he, it goes in while continuing to move, goes in while facing or moving away from speaker, continues going in, continues making way in
s/he goes away with it (e.g., circus); s/he s/he continues taking part in it
s/he, it goes away, continues going; (ii; time) it passes