Entry Definition
s/he lengthens a braid (e.g., of sweetgrass)
it is finely braided, it is thin braid
s/he braids it into fine or thin braid
it is braided thick, is braided using more than the usual number of strands
s/he braids it into thick braid, braids it using more than usual number of strands
it has been braided, can be braided
s/he braided it, can braid it
s/he wants to braid, is going to braid; (cat) s/he is going to purr
s/he braids; (cat) s/he purrs (so said because sound resembles that of sweetgrass being braided)
(hair, sweetgrass, etc.) braid
(hair, sweetgrass) braid
s/he braids own hair
s/he starts to braid; (cat) s/he starts to purr
they braid sweetgrass together (in group)
s/he has finished braiding; (cat) s/he has stopped purring
s/he braids it with four strands
s/he braids fast
s/he makes it into a single braid
s/he braids it with three strands
(person) sweetgrass braider
s/he braids h/ hair for h/, ties h/ hair for h/ (with ribbon, string, etc.)
s/he braids it
s/he is braiding h/ hair for h/; s/he is tying h/ hair for h/ (with ribbon, string, etc.)
it is braided long, it is long braid
s/he creates waste while braiding (unwanted pieces and broken-off ends that fall to floor)