Entry Definition
s/he steps a little farther in a specified direction
s/he takes step diagonally
s/he takes step forward
s/he takes short steps
(transportation) s/he gets off, gets out, disembarks, steps down
s/he steps down, steps off (something)
s/he is sprightly; s/he takes quick steps making noise with feet
s/he steps over edge and falls
s/he departs or sets out with hurried and audible steps
s/he walks on it choosing where s/he steps
s/he steps slowly
s/he moves along or steps slowly making noise with feet (e.g., wearing high heels)
s/he is heard stepping, is heard making or leaving tracks
s/he takes a pace, takes a step (Wol)
s/he takes fast steps, steps quickly
s/he kicks h/ thus, kicks h/ to there; s/he steps or stamps or stomps on h/ with foot; s/he applies force or weight of body to h/ (by jumping, standing, leaning, pushing, etc. on h/); (figuratively) s/he comes upon h/, s/he forces h/ (to do something)
s/he takes long steps
(marching, walking; on ladder, on stairs) s/he misses step
(on ice, on stepping stones, through swamp) s/he picks way step by step
s/he takes quick steps (walking)
s/he slips when stepping (e.g., on ice, on dance floor, on banana peel)
s/he steps aside
s/he sidles up to it, steps up to it
they dance in step; they dance abreast
they walk in step; they walk abreast