Entry Definition
it is true, it is a fact; (text, newspaper, etc.) it tells story, gives account
that's true
prominent, standing out, sticking out; loud; (prenoun) genuine, authentic, true, truly
it is so; it is true, it is the truth; it happens; it matters; it is that way; something is the matter with it
approximately, about that much; I bet that's true, that must be true
(expresses agreement) you're right, I guess so, you may have something there, it's true
it is known thoroughly or perfectly; it is known with certainty, is known to be true
s/he knows it thoroughly or perfectly; s/he knows it for certain, knows it to be true
it is certain, sure; it is assumed to be true
s/he is convinced of it, certain of it; s/he assumes it to be true
it is right, is correct, is true
(reportedly) it is said, they say, people say; (with direct quotation) s/he says (said), they say (said); (in questions of fact) is it true that ...?