Entry Definition
s/he affects h/, stirs h/, moves h/ (emotionally or physically); (also, in inanimate subject forms) it bothers h/, worries h/, causes h/ concern
s/he is very worried; s/he is pining away
s/he is tired of taking care of it, is too tired to worry about it
s/he is tired of taking care of h/, is too tired to worry about h/
bothersome, bothering, worrying
s/he worries about self
s/he has habit of worrying, is worrywart
s/he worries, is uneasy, is anxious
anxiety, worry, concern; worrisome thought(s)
s/he is worrier or worrywart
s/he worries h/ to death, afflicts h/
s/he thinks about h/, worries about h/, is concerned about h/
s/he causes h/ worry, s/he worries h/
s/he makes h/ anxious, causes h/ concern; s/he worries h/
s/he is worried for h/
s/he worries about it, is preoccupied about it
s/he is worried about something belonging to h/ or done by h/
s/he is heartbroken, is intensely unhappy or worried
s/he worries self sick; s/he thinks in confused manner, is muddled; s/he is mad, manic, insane, crazy, bemused, etc.
s/he keeps self busy so as not to worry