Entry Definition
s/he takes all the money from h/ pocket(s), empties h/ pockets completely
(container) s/he, it is emptying, is empty
it sounds empty
(container) s/he sounds empty
s/he empties it
it looks empty
(bottle, bowl, etc.) s/he looks empty
s/he empties h/ (bottle, jar, etc.) by drinking or eating
s/he empties it all at once by grabbing up its contents (e.g., bin containing sale items)
(container) s/he is empty
empty container
(container) s/he, it is empty
(container) s/he, it is empty
s/he pours or spills out liquid using utensil (e.g., through sieve); s/he empties chamber pot(s) using stick
s/he pours h/ all at once
s/he pours it out, empties it; s/he spills it (because it's too full or because s/he's not paying attention to it)
s/he pours out or spills something belonging to h/
s/he pours h/ out (container or contents; usually, all at once or in steady stream)
(building, house, etc.) it is empty of people, unoccupied, vacant