Entry Definition
give me a kiss! (said to children)
s/he kisses h/ in return
s/he puts lips together to make sound (e.g., kissing, saying bah)
s/he forces h/ to kiss
s/he stops kissing h/
s/he stops kissing it
s/he kisses h/ everywhere they go
s/he kisses it everywhere s/he goes
s/he wants to kiss h/, is going to kiss h/
s/he wants to kiss it, is going to kiss it
s/he starts to kiss h/
s/he starts to kiss it
they French kiss with each other
h/ mouth makes smacking sound; s/he gives noisy kiss
s/he kisses h/ again and again
s/he kisses it again and again
(person) one who kisses
s/he kisses h/ for so long a time
s/he kisses it for so long a time
s/he kisses h/
(e.g., mother with her child) s/he kisses and fondles h/
s/he kisses it (e.g., picture, book, etc.)
s/he kisses something belonging to h/
h/ lips are puckered up, s/he is kissable