Entry Definition
coming back, returning
s/he returns to religious faith, comes back to the fold
s/he brings h/ back, returns h/
s/he comes back to h/; (inverse forms, also) s/he, it comes back to haunt h/
s/he comes back, returns
it comes back, returns
it returns gradually, works its way back
they (two) come back walking, return on foot
having gone and returned; back from having gone (to do something)
s/he, it comes back from there, returns from there, has been there
s/he fails to return it (something borrowed, especially, money)
s/he welcomes h/; s/he comes back to h/ after a long absence
s/he comes back to it after long absence
s/he comes back (to friends or family) after long absence
s/he takes so long to return
it comes back into view shining
going back from present location to former location; going back from present to former condition; (reciprocating, returning) back
s/he gives it back to h/
s/he hands it back; s/he takes it back (returns it) for refund or exchange
s/he takes it back (to where s/he got it), returns it
s/he makes round trip, goes somewhere and returns without stopping over; (baseball) s/he hits home run and runs around bases (especially, Pa)