Entry Definition
more and more; gradually increasing, increasingly
it returns gradually, works its way back
it opens gradually
(tire, bread dough) s/he gradually deflates
(balloon, etc.) it gradually deflates
(rope, string) s/he loosens gradually
(chain, etc.) it loosens gradually
it works its way upward, it gradually moves upward
s/he moves it out of sight little by little
s/he moves something belonging to h/ out of sight little by little
it fades gradually
it is disappearing gradually
s/he works at it gradually
it gradually spreads apart
it goes down gradually (e.g., balloon deflating)
(chain, etc.) it moves away bit by bit
s/he makes way toward there little by little
s/he works it into (something), pushes it in little by little
s/he gradually comes to like its appearance
s/he, it gradually works way downward, descends a little at a time
s/he fills up gradually with liquid
at intervals; a little at a time, little by little; in instalments
a little at a time, little by little, at intervals
s/he melts little by little
it gradually emerges (so that more and more of it is visible)